Why do I need an online account to request a loan


Although the Internet is so installed in our lives that it is hard to remember how they were before they arrived, there are still people afraid to do certain online procedures, such as those related to their money. For some, there is still that fear that if they use their online account to request a loan, someone can access it and cramp with the money there is. Aware that this fear exists in certain people, companies such as FundGo Lenders have the greatest security systems that guarantee that this will not happen. And it is that having an online bank account is one of the requirements to apply for a loan in FundGo Lenders.


They ask you to have an online account to request a loan

request loan

It is to make the process much easier and faster. Once the credit is granted, FundGo Lenders will send you the money you have requested in a matter of minutes to the bank account you have provided. In one of the simple steps you have to do to complete your application you will be asked to link your account online, but do not worry about the security of it. FundGo Lenders does not store your access credentials and applies the highest security standards. In addition, there is no trace of your loan application, so it does not affect your credit rating. Of course, your financial movements are not affected.


Providing an online account to request a loan is safe

request a loan is safe

When requesting an online account to request a loan, FundGo Lenders also ensures that the person who made the request is really the owner or co-owner of the account to which the money will be sent. This avoids possible fraud by third parties using data that is not theirs. In order to carry out this verification, in one of the steps of the process you will be asked to provide a scan or photo, whichever is easier, of your valid identity document, either the DNI or the NIE. Remember that to apply for a loan in FundGo Lenders you must be over 18 years of age and be a resident in Spain.

In addition to the online bank account, FundGo Lenders will also ask you to have an email and a mobile phone number. This will make the process much easier.

If you are still doubtful and you are not convinced of the fact of providing an online account to request a loan, you can start an application in FundGo Lenders to see that it is reliable. This way you will be able to know the process first hand and verify that it meets all safety standards. Don’t let certain unsubstantiated fears about Internet security deprive you of getting the money you need.

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