How long can I get a loan online?

What is the maximum time we would be willing to wait for a loan? It is possible that the answer depends on the purpose of the loan if what we want is to reform the house or the purchase of a house we will not mind waiting a while, but if what we need is to make an urgent arrangement or we have had an unforeseen, the waiting time will be as short as possible.

The online loans respond to these small needs since they offer the possibility of obtaining an amount of money in a very short time, which will normally be a maximum of 48 hours.

What would we highlight about online loans?

What would we highlight about online loans?

Online loans basically stand out for three characteristics that differentiate them from bank loans. These are the speed of the loan application, its quick response and the requested documentation, which will be sent completely online.

Loan application and acceptance

We combine these two characteristics to focus on the process of applying for online loans that stand out for their rapidity of hiring because there are few steps that we will have to follow to hire it.

The operation of fast online loans is not excessively complicated. We can find numerous companies that currently offer this type of products, we will take as an example good Credit to see what are the steps to follow to contract a loan in the shortest possible time.

Selection of the amount of money and the repayment term

The first step that will have to be done will be to choose the amount that is desired and the deadline to return it. Normally, if it is also microcredit, the repayment term does not usually exceed one month. In the case of good Credit, the amount to be selected ranges from $ 75 to $ 750 and the maximum return period is 30 days.

Loan application

Once we have clear the conditions of the loan that we are going to request, we will have to complete the online application with our personal data. The form to be filled out is usually simple and short, since the only thing they ask for is our personal data and a bank account number.

Next, the system of the entity in which you are requesting the loan, following our example, would be good Credit, will study whether or not to grant the loan. Thanks to automated scoring systems the acceptance or not of the loan will be made in a few minutes. Through an SMS or email, we will be notified if the loan is accepted or not.

Confirmation of the bank account associated with the loan

If in the previous step we have been granted the loan, the next step will be to confirm the bank account that we have included in the form. The process will be simple, it can be done automatically or send a receipt stating that we really are the account holders.

Receiving the money

Once we have verified the account, we will only have to receive the money. The transfer takes approximately 15 minutes, although it will depend on our bank to arrive in 24 or 48 hours, depending on the transfer policy.

Unlike the credits or loans that we contract in a banking entity, if we resort to a private company to request a fast credit, the opening time of the same will be much shorter. While in a bank it can last even up to 2 weeks, due to the analysis they have to make of our economic situation, when applying for an online loan, at the latest in 48 hours we will already have the money available.


As these are online loans, all the procedures will be done through the internet, so we will not have to hand over any documentation in hand. We will only have to send the requirements requested online, which will facilitate the hiring process.

What requirements are necessary to contract an online loan?


In these types of loans, the requirements that will be requested will not be as exhaustive as those requested in a bank. Due to the characteristics of fast and online loans, we could even request them in the case of being on an ASNEF list.

The requirements necessary to contract an online loan are the following:

  • Be of age
  • Have a Spanish identity document (DNI or NIE)
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Be the owner of a bank account

As we can see, the requirements are minimal, although the amount to be requested and the repayment term of online loans is more limited than in bank loans. It is true that the purpose when applying for a loan in one place or another will be different.

Answering the question of the article: How long can I get a loan online? We have seen that the granting of the loan will be approximately 15 minutes and we could have the money in the account in less than 48 hours.

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